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Social MIMI has the expertise in providing affordable website development, marketing and design solutions. We keep the process personal, simple and streamlined, while delivering a fully customised web development service. Every element is expertly tailored to fit your business. We listen, to understand your industry and requirements, to pinpoint your target audience, help you outperform your competition and achieve your marketing goals.

Growth Driven Design


Your website is your biggest marketing asset. It works for you 24hrs without sleep or holidays. It should be the centrepiece of all your marketing activities and in tune with prospective clients and how they want to access information about you; rather than how you wish to promote yourself to them.
If you want your website to speak to your prospects personally, delivering precisely the information they need, when they want it, then GDD is the web development process for you.
GDD delivers websites that are attuned to the behaviour of your prospects, based upon a launchpad website, where Site testing and monitoring continually evolves over time. This removes large planning and budgeting cycles and makes the site work both for you and your visitors.

app development
The market for mobile app development services is drastically evolving. Here at Social MIMI we provide fully customised mobile development solutions which optimise your user experience no matter if it’s an Android or iOS device.
  •  Business apps
  •  Finance apps
  •  Lifestyle apps
  •  Travel apps
  •  Food and drinks apps
  •  Social media apps
  •  News apps
  •  Music apps
  •  Utility apps
  •  Sports apps
  •  Multimedia apps
  •  Game apps

It’s not enough just to be “seen” on the Web these days, you need to be “heard” as well. Here at Social MiMi, our Digital Marketing team will use bespoke marketing methods to draw in your customers, increase your sales and grow an effective online digital marketing campaign that can deliver continued Success.


You don’t have a choice on whether or not you “DO” social media, the question is how well you “DO” it.

keeping your social updated is fine but if you’re wanting to create or increase real revenue and bring your brand exposure then you need to go much deeper then status updates.

Here at Social MIMI we tell stories through your brands social platforms by creating content that’s relatable to your target audience sparking high levels of engagement and interaction naturally increasing the reach of your brands message, producing leads and conversions and most importantly creating ROI.




Social MIMI offers a simplified professional corporate photography service to further enhance your Online Presence. Our Photographer can take stylish flattering simple headshots, black and white portraits or simplified shots of your workplace to best summarise and showcase what you do. With experience in the Financial, Legal, Entertainment, Service and Healthcare sectors, we can provide photography for annual reports, editorial, advertising, PR and corporate marketing campaigns. We offer a personal service based on a creative, consultative approach, and don’t worry; – our photographer makes EVERYone look good!

So there’s Copy and there’s COPY  -For starters did you know that visitors to your Site will on average only skim through 20% of anything written? That means 80% of your efforts are wasted and it’s even more vital than you thought to deliver engaging informative copy that draws clients in and keeps them interested. 

Logos are important. They sum you up in so many ways unthought of. You may just think of using a Family name or a certain colour or shape, when unbeknown to you, those 3 things alone can conjure up untold asssociations in the minds of your potential clients. -Not all of them may be good associations.  It’s your job to make clients only think the best of you. It’s ours to make sure your Logo does just that. 

It’s not enough to just have good Copy on your Site. You’ll have a much greater advantage over your Competition if your Copy is also SEO enhanced, with Keywords that are easily picked up on Google and a host of other ways to get you really Google Friendly, so you’re found faster, and hopefully first. We enhance our Copy as Standard. It’s just who we are.

You may already have an established Brand, or perhaps you started out with one that’s used in places, but sketchy or inconsistent in others. That’s where we can help. By looking at the overall picture from the outside to really see what you do, who your Target audience is and what you want to achieve; we can really refine, impart and finalise your Brand with a cohesive arresting Design that flows through your entire Business Workspace and Image.