• Find your Niche If you’re wanting to build a dedicated following, you have to offer something that brings your audience value related to your niche.


  • Be Active. Inactive feeds get unfollowed and are rarely noticed, to begin with. Make sure you’re committed to posting new material on an at least daily basis, be consistent.


  • When someone likes one of your photos, like one of theirs. If someone follows you, consider following them back. Reciprocation cements social relationships online.


  • When a user reaches out to your brand, respond to them! Reach out to new people, comment on images in your newsfeed, and get involved in conversations. You have to be social if you want to succeed on any social platform the answer is in the name.


  • Use hashtags, Hashtags exist to help users find the content they want to see, so make sure you’re using them often, strategically and make sure they’re related to your niche just stay within reason.


  • Cross-pollinate Use your social networks to support each other, try to draw your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other audiences to your Instagram account.


  • Create and post your very best content, quality wins over quantity in pretty much everything and that doesn’t change when it comes to Instagram or any social platform for that matter.


  • Make sure you’re using any new features that Instagram have recently added as a platform they want you to use their new features so they will reward you for using them by increasing the reach of your posts. (Stories are a HUGE feature you should be utilizing to your advantage to grow your audience along with, LIVE video, poll votes and more.)

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