7 Social Media Marketing Tips


1. Create a good foundation with a website, Facebook page and blog

This should be a no-brainer, but a large amount of small businesses do not even have a website. If you’re one of those, stop reading this and go get one! A website is absolutely fundamental to the success of your social media, as this is where your content will originate – social media merely offers up a variety of ways to disseminate that content.

A blog is a crucial component as well, as this will be your chance to personalise your business, your story, and provide a face and voice to your company. Frequency of updates will depend on your business type and size, but it’s a great way to humanise your business and connect with people. And speaking of connections, if you only take advantage of one social media site for your business, make sure that it’s Facebook. Its active user base of over 1.1 billion is simply too large an audience to overlook, and a business page is extraordinarily easy to set up – it will take you less than 30 minutes.


2. Create captivating content

Social media marketing . In order to really grow your audience and become an authority in your niche, you’ll need to create a wide variety of captivating and engaging content that interests your followers.

This can be highly time consuming, unless you use content creation tools such as CANVA, for example,. It helps you create captivating content in an easy and simplistic way that you can share straight to social platforms.

3. Tag influencers

You’re never going to achieve viral growth with your social media marketing strategy unless you enlist the help of influencers. Influencers are other individuals in your niche (not your competitors) who have a big social following of their own.

You can also reach out to influencers via direct message or email asking them to share your content on there platforms.

4. Schedule your posts

schedule your posts to go out at optimum times. Social media is all about timing so if you want the most engagement and shares you need to be providing content to your followers at the time they’ll be watching. Make sure if you know your going to busy at peak social time that you schedule your posts to go out so you can make the most of each and every piece of content you post.

5. Leverage current events

People turn to social media to interact with businesses, but they also use it to get the latest news and information. You can really grow your following if you integrate the two.

Keep track of trending hashtags that you see on Twitter. Take the opportunity to use them in your own social posts. This helps you join bigger conversations on the social platform outside of your own following.

You can also use Facebook Trending Topics or Google Trends for a similar purpose. Trending topics on Google Trends can help you brainstorm content that’s relevant to current events and can garner more buzz on social media.

6. Create contests

Contests are a great way to encourage engagement and grow your following on social media. Here are a few examples of social contests you can put on:

  • Vote contest – Ask your followers their opinion on an image, video, or other set of media.
  • win a giveaway. Make social sharing and following a requirement for entry.
  • Photo contest – Ask followers to submit their photo doing something related to your niche. Ask them to use a branded hashtag to enter to win.

7. Follow strategically

Part of your strategy is attracting a large group of interested followers, but you don’t have to wait around for them to follow you. Be proactive about building the quality audience you want by following strategically. Look for people who are interested in or talk about topics related to your niche all the time.

Search for social users who are using specific hashtags or keywords in their posts to show their interests. Follow them in bulk on a regular basis to encourage them to join your audience as well.

These seven hacks are just a few of the many ways you can supercharge your social media marketing strategy. Use each and you’ll be well on your way to building a strategy that drives engagement, broadens reach, and brings ROI.


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